Enigin Scam Buster : Real-Time

Real Name:
Reginald Tyme

RT, Reggy T 


Reginald Tyme was the son of a wealthy atomic physicist, Tiberius Tyme and his wife Rebecca, although Rebecca loved the child dearly Tiberius was riddled with jealousy and hated the child. Eventually his insane jealously drove away Rebecca and made young Reggy reclusive and shy. Thus hiding the fact that he actually was a child prodigy, gifted in every respects of the word. After graduating he studied at New Mexico, Desert State University as a student of the then professor Emit Vaser. The rest is history, only to say that now the combined power of Analytics, Real-time and E-Maps is a force to be reckoned with, we almost pity their adversaries such as the U.C.C

Special Powers:

A super athlete Real-time can move faster than any other known superhero, making him virtually impossible to capture, a useful assets to have when fighting the worlds worst criminals! But this is not limited to his speed on foot, he also has the reflexes to match, giving him unprecedented response times. If you need something done fast he's your man.

Tech Specs:

Real-time is a unique and special feature of Eniscope. It means, unlike other so called 'smart meters'. Our Real-time energy management system shows you how much you are spending right now, minute by minute. It also clearly shows where that energy is being used, be that a specific appliance, building, or department. This is not what Unethical Utility Companies want you to see or even be aware of.

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The Team