Enigin Scam Buster : Killer-Watt

Real Name:
Robert Watts

Killer, K, Bob Watts


Bob's life began in Florida, America, early 1970s. The super hero that later was simply known as 'Killer-Watt' was born Robert Watts, the younger brother of Lonnie and Rob Watts. Little is know of his personal history and he prefers it that way. Those closest to him know his past was less than savory and his current abilities to crush injustice where it stands do not come without there own painful history. In recent times he has returned to the Enigin Scam Busters team and has received much needed care and assistance from Mr-E and his crew, helping him to control his seemingly ever growing powers. Without a doubt he is the wild-card of the pack, his passion for energy saving drives him over and beyond even the most dedicated scam buster.

Needless to say no one knows better the damage done by the U.C.C and its agents, but who really is the U.C.C? And why does Bob hate them so?

Special Powers:

As his name would suggest Killer-Watt can at will absorb and exude thousands of watts of electrical energy, also making him impervious to such attacks, hence his super green glow!

Tech Specs:

Kilowatts along with kilowatt hours are a standard measure of power produced, and commonly used as the billing unit delivered to customers by utility companies. These technical phrases are often used without thought to the end-user but as an example of scale we can consider the following. A 30 watt light bulb will use up 0.03 killowatt hours of electricity in one hour, if it was used for 1000 hours it would consume 30 kilowatt hours of electricity. This is the valuable and costly product we and our team of Engin Scam Busters work so hard to save. Why not join us!

Thanks to Lonnie and Rob for his concept and use.

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The Team