Enigin Scam Buster : E-Maps

Real Name:
Edward Moop

E-Maps, Moopster. Brains


A child genius, Moop's strength is his brain power, his ability to remember and learn. He only has to see a process once to have it indelibly imprinted in his mind, a blessing and a curse. These abilities would have brought him to an insanity if it were not for Captain E and his years of guidance. Years later having joined the Enigin Scam Busters, Moop has been involved in educating many would be members of the team. His sound judgment and patience are a real asset in fighting the U.C.C.

Special Powers:

Photographic memory, super human agility. Expert tracker and inbuilt G.P.S

Tech Specs:

E-Maps is a system to help control business costs, and show real care for the environment. The EnergyMaps formula is innovative and give a holistic approach to energy saving. It helps you to take control of your energy usage, reduce your demand and make real savings. Just like a G.P.S, EnergyMaps will show you where and how energy is being wasted. Step one, find out where you currently are, what your current energy saving procedures are doing for you, if you have any. Essentail to this is the installation of Eniscope with Real-time and Analytics combined together this will not only show you where you are with your current energy useage but what saving you can make with the installation of load-side products. Thats the beauty of Eniscope it makes the invisible saving of energy tangible and visible. As a final step these results can be portrayed in a bold graphical format on public displays, sharing how you and your business are responsible energy users, caring for your business and environment. That's 'super-human' savings.

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The Team