Enigin Scam Buster : Capt Eniscope

Real Name:
Mr Emit Vaser

Eniscope, Mr E, The Hub.


30 years ago Mr Vaser started out with his scientific and electronic experimentation, trying to solve the world's energy crisis, global warming and pollution. His greatest creation the Eniscope gave him the ability to see the world and its energy flow. What he saw troubled him, one of the greatest crimes was the amount of energy wasted, burnt away and lost to heat and noise, but to make matters worse there was the U.U.C. Unethical Utility Companies and their agents who shoot out their own products that work in favor of their income and not you the good public. See the U.U.C tab. He then set about setting up his own scam busting team of likeminded scam fighting superheroes, working along side Capt. Eniscope they can reveal the facts on energy saving products and make the invisible world of energy saving visible.

Special Powers:

With his measuring shield, Capt Eniscope can defend from bogus scam products that fly his way, and has his specially developed Eniscope Vision that give the ability to see energy as it flows. When combined with his scam busting partners his power is increased. Super strength and lightning quick reactions come as standard!

Tech Specs:

Enign PLC's scam busting Eniscope is their flag ship product, that allows you to see where you energy is going second by second to empower you to prevent wasting your energy and your money. This is not the same as other 'smart meters', Eniscope show you the immediate effect from installing energy saving products as well as their historical impact on your costings and your peak demand. Do you have excess voltage, unnecessarily increasing your costs? How would you know? Eniscope busts that scam by showing if your voltage is too high or too low that could even save on equipment maintenance costs, as the wrong voltage could damage them and increase wear. For more detailed information go to enigin.com.

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The Team