Enigin Scam Buster : Anna-Lytics

Real Name:
Anne Lee

Anna-Lytics, Power tab, Energy tab, Costs tab


Born in the back streets of New York Anna, was lost and without family until a fortuitous meeting with Captain Eniscope and his crew, he at once saw her remarkable abilities and she very quickly became an invaluable member of their scam busting team. She was 10 years old when her powers where first shown, she was rescuing a friend from a collapsing power plant, the cause of which was never discovered. Some how she new it would collapse even before any other alarm system was triggered.

Ever since that time she has had an aversion to those who prey on the weak, and exploit the planet to make their wealth, she suspects TOSH their arch enemy was ultimately behind the power plants demise, and her friends tragic experience.

Special Powers:

Using her web based diagnostic skills she has an incredible ability to measure and calculate enormous amounts of data. She intuitively can see trends and power surges that alert Captain Eniscope to nearby danger. She is also 'easy on the eye'!

Tech Specs:

For those technically minded out there, Enign PLC's scambusting product Analytics is part of Eniscope. This intelligent and flexible tool tells you how much energy you have used and what it will cost, it can alert you to changes in your current consumption rate in comparison to a similar period in the recent past.

Power tab, here you can aggregate your total energy usage or with a click of a button see individual meters, ideal for analyzing and comparing buildings or even individual pieces of equipment.

The Energy tab, a traditional view of your energy consumption, a great help in proportioning costs between departments, and help target reductions.

The Costs tab, this converts your data into money what your spending and what your saving. This is displayed in the currency of your choice and can be set up with a limitless amount of different tariff options.

This makes Analytics your superhuman Energy Manager, able to keep tabs on your energy usage demand and efficiency around the clock.

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